How To Tell If Your Computer Needs More Memory

Is Your Computer Running Slow?
23 February 2017
Is It Time To Upgrade Your PC?
27 February 2017

How To Tell If Your Computer Needs More Memory

Is It Time To Buy A New Computer or Is it A Memory Problem?

Often people think it is time to get rid of a perfectly good computer when an upgrade in memory would
solve many of their computer issues. But how can you tell if the problems you are having with your computer
are because of memory overload?

Computer Memory Chips

This article, from can help point you in the right direction:
Here are a few simple — but telling — signs that your computer could benefit from a memory upgrade.

You experience poor or sub-par performance in everyday tasks. For instance, a program doesn’t
respond or seems to take forever to open.

You get system notifications that say “low memory” or “out of memory”.

You are having display problems. Like when you pull up a page and it either
partially loads or if refuses to load at all. Or you see a blank space where data should be.

In some cases, the PC refuses to operate at all. When you try to open anything, the system will not respond.
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, a memory upgrade may be in order.

Read the rest of the article here.

This video by can also help in your diagnostics

Maybe you don’t have time to figure out what is wrong with your computer. All you know is it isn’t working very well anymore.

Before you buy a new computer, call the engineers at Lake Zurich Computer Services& Repair at 1-847-381-7960
They will be able to diagnose your computer problems and recommend the best solution for you. Remember, LZ Computer makes house calls and can offer instant support when you have the support app which you can download and learn more about HERE.

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